TVSS, Surge suppression, lightning protection

TVSS, Surge suppression, lightning protection

Finally a suppressor you donot have to replace.
Tested to be the safest on the market, Strikesorb modules and Rayvoss systems are designed to absorb and dissipate the excess energy of repetitive lightning strikes and power surges without performance deterioration.

Superior performance. Uninterrupted protection. No problems.
Raycap surge protection devices provide safe, uninterrupted protection up to 200 kA per module without requiring maintenance even under harsh environmental or poor power quality conditions.

Our RAYVOSS TVSS, equipment withstand 1000A and above.

In an effort to satisfy the testing requirements of NEMA LS1 for maximum surge current ratings above 200kA per mode, tests are performed on individual modules or on components within the TVSS device. This is not in compliance with the NEMA LS1 definition of the maximum surge current rating. Extremely high ratings cannot be tested on a complete TVSS unit since few independent laboratories have the capability of producing the required 8/20us test waveform beyond 200 kA. Some manufacturer publications continue to suggest that devices rated 250kA or above are necessary for adequate protection at service entry. An effective evaluation of TVSS performance requires an investigation of test reports and only reports demonstrating that tests were performed on a complete unit are legitimate.

Actually our RAYVOSS TVSS systems could be installed behind a 4000 A class L Time delay fuse at available fault current 200 kA.
We do not have competition at the moment. Our TVSS is the best product in the market by far.

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Product Name : RAYVOSS Transient Voltage Surge Suppresion
Model/Article Number : TVSS
OEM Serivce : No


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