Preventive Maintenance with the MPR-63 Analizer.

THE MPR-63 Electrical Network Monitor & Analyzer.

The MPR-63 network analyzer is an electronic instrument which allows the measurement of all your electrical main parameters in the input network in real value and RMS value.

It is specially designed for easy installation and programming. It needs three voltage signals (RST) and current (I1, I2, I3).

The MPR-63 is supplied with LCD screen backlighted for an easy reading at any lighting level. It offers optional communication module and has internal memory.

GENERAL: The MPR-63 is designed for measuring all electrical parameters, including harmonics, of an electric network with MODBUS-RTU protocol on RS-485 communication port.
-Total Harmonic Distortion for Voltage (%THD V)
-Total Harmonic Distortion for Current (%THD I)
-Measuring up to 31th Harmonic for current and voltage separately.
-RS-485 Communication.
-Alarm Contact Output.
-Energy Pulse Output or Digital Input (optional).
-4-20mA Analog Output for PLCs or other auxiliary tracking methods(optional).
-Display Demand Value.
-Display Max/Min Values.
-Parameters and demand values are stored even if supply voltage is OFF.
-Data Logging.
-Real Time Clock.
-Non-flammable enclosure.
-Password for setup
-IEC 61000-6-2, IEC 61000-6-4, IEC 61010-1
MPR-SW: Software for Preventive Maintenance, the monitoring of your Peak Loads and saving parameters for multiple use (max. 247 units).

Harmonic Graphic which belongs to the same phase up to 31th harmonic.


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Product Name : Network Power & Load Management Device
Model/Article Number : MPR-63 Pluss.
Place of Origin : Netherlands Antilles
Brand Name : MPR-63

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