Electricity Costs Reducing Devices and Solutions.
Electrical Energy Efficiency: A hundred years ago, electricity was a luxury. 50 years ago it became a necessity.
Today we cannot live without it.
But even though we take electricity for granted, we need to remember to use it wisely.
Using electricity wisely is good for the environment, saves money in your home and business, and keeps our nation's electricity supply more reliable.
Energy costs are skyrocketing and are negatively affecting the industrial, commercial and residential areas of society and our population at large. These days Electrical Energy spiraling costs is on every responsible persons mind Globally.
Businesses and individuals are faced with increasing concerns over electrical energy availability and costs as well as climate change and global warming.
Many corporations are now focused on reducing energy usage both for cost savings and to display social and environmental responsibility.
Electrical energy is by nature inefficient delivered with friction, heat & resistance.
As a result there is decreased efficiency and reduced life of equipment.

Electricity Costs Reducing Devices Solutions.
The AMP-CURE Energy Saver, saves energy through the use of its patented technology.
AMP-CURE is the first of its kind of power saving device that uses a patented electric current reducing and conditioning method, improving current reception by minimizing load with NO voltage adjustment.
This results in an outstanding power saving effect by commercial industries which require high voltage power as well as in normal homes, AMP-CURE benefits every one using electricity.

Simply put: This provides significant savings using this device.
The AMP-CURE Energy Saver is an approved energy savings device in operation for many years worldwide with proven results in thousands of locations.
What makes the AMP-CURE Energy Saver unique is the universal and sustained electricity savings it achieves along with its cost-effectiveness and relative ease of installation.
Uses a technology that creates greater efficiency in electrical circuits, lowering electricity usage while continuing to deliver the voltage required operating your equipment.
Delivers broad-based savings across all electrical applications and loads on a circuit, resulting in significant savings across your business.

Energy savings (kWh) on average 6% - 15%, reduced kVA demand (up to 30%) and improved power factor (up to 25%).
Simple installation and maintenance free for 5 Years.
Compact in size for easy of handling.
We can Offer Risk-free trial to document savings.
Our device helps in reducing environmental and energy problems by reducing electricity waste and usage.

The AMP-CURE Energy Saver is compact and light for easy handling and installation.
All components are concealed with no hazards.

While some benefits beyond a reduction in kWh are similar to effects of a capacitor, our Energy Saving Device is not a power factor correcting capacitor & does not operate in a similar manner to a APFC capacitor bank.
The AMP-CURE Energy Saver units are sized to manage the specific range of required kVA power at each facility.

We do offer a risk-free trial to companies to quickly see the results.(conditions apply)

The Equipment is NOT SOLD, but LEASED for a period of 5 years at a time, at which end of leasing contract terms the device is exchanged with a NEW device.

The Leasing Charges includes the AMP-CURE Energy Saver installation & taxes. Each piece of your equipment maintains a specific & constant flow of voltage.
The Units are offered in multiples of kVA sizes from 7kVA to 1000kVA..110/600VAC, 50/60hz.(required power of client)

If a minimum of 6 % savings in kWh is not realized within 90 days, Prime Technologies will remove the equipment in good order


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