STAT-X: Highly effective and clean Fire suppressant system for closed rooms. It has numerous advantages, some of them are as follows:

· Does not require high pressure vessels, manifolds, nozzles.

· Does not require pipe work nor expensive installation costs.

· Minimal maintenance required and long duty life (10 years).

· Proven technology (manufactured in USA in ISO 9002 facility).

· 5 times as effective as Halon and 10 times as Halon replacements.

· Non-toxic, Non-corrosive, will not harm electronic equipment or magnetic media.

· Suitable for Class A, B, C, hazards.

· Ideal solution for computer rooms, server rooms, telecom rooms, control equipment rooms, remote telecom or computer units, energy plants, engine rooms, turbine enclosures, and more.

· It would be activated by a termal trigger or through an electric signal from a Fire Detection Panel.

· ULc Certified.

· New exterior look.

· Renewed name and presentation.

· Only aerosol generator listed to UL 2127 standard,
which complies with the new standard NFPA 2010.

· New thermal autonomous trigger listed by UL.

· New sizes (30 y 60 grams).

Stat-X is a Fire Suppression System which must be correctly dimensioned for each situation, using the right amount of it under the specific conditions (Hazard Class, equipment distribution, room openings, and so on) of each installation.

ATINCO Corp.( as STAT-X Master Distributor for the Latin America and the Caribbean region, will be happy to help you with agent calculation, and recommendation of the best option for your particular project.

Fire Suppression Systems (STAT-X & Aero-K)
In a Nut Shell: It provides highly effective and clean fire suppression for fires in enclosed facilites and local spaces. It requires none of the pressure vessels, pipe work, and extensive installation manpower associated with other systems.

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Additional Information

Product Name : STAT-X Clean Agent Fire Suppression System
Model/Article Number : Neth Antilles Agent for: STAT-X & AERO-K
Place of Origin : United States
Brand Name : STAT-X, AERO-K.
Materials : SS
Minium Order : 1
Delivery Lead Time : 21 days
Supply Ability : Fast..
Sample : Charge

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