Save Energy! Reduce Waste! Save Money! It is Smart! It is Proven! Simple to Install! Up to 20% Savings with The Award Winning Aircon Energy Saver!
Significantly Reduce Carbon Emissions, Improve Air Quality & Save up to 20% or more on Energy Costs for Air Conditioning.

Air-Conditioning accounts for between one quarter and one half of the total electrical consumption in most buildings.

Why is it needed?

Due to variable weather and changing site conditions it is virtually impossible for air conditioning systems to operate at optimum efficiency. In addition, standard design criteria is based on coping with extreme conditions and this normally results in oversized plant on all other occasions.
Typical air-conditioning systems operate continuously until the room thermostat is satisfied. During this time it will run the compressor and produce greater cooling capacity than the air can absorb.

With more and more emphasis on reducing carbon emissions and the obvious benefit of reducing escalating energy costs the Aircon Energy Saver is the answer.

AES can repay its cost in 12 months.

Designed in the UK, with state if the art technology, this patented technology controls the thermostat and the compressor to achieve a balance between maximum cooling efficiency and minimal energy consumption. The AIRCON ENERGY SAVER is an electronic, self learning, memory based control unit and requires no maintenance.

Realize these key benefits:

Save 20% or more on your electricity bill

Reliable, and no maintenance necessary

Save energy 24 hours a day

Payback time less than one year

Ensure a more steady comfortable temperature

Prevents icing of the compressor

Expand the lifetime of your aircon unit

Contribute to a heathier living environment.

The AES increases the efficiency of single split DX air conditioning and chilled watersystems.
It achieves savings without detriment to the environment. It is fully automatic, plug and play, simple to install, tamper proof and holds a 3 year guarantee.
The compressor will only run when the room thermostat requires cooling. This control circuit is wired via the AES. The AES interrupts this control signal and switches off the compressor to maximise the latent cooling ability of the coil.

The Aircon Energy Saver can be easily incorporated during the regular visit of the service engineer. It can be mounted internally or external to the unit on the wall or casing.
The control circuit from the thermostat to the compressor is redirected through the AES and a temperature sensor fitted in the supply air stream.
The AES is now installed and ready to save energy 24 hours a day, seven days week.

Chilled Water Systems

The Aircon Energy Saver can be installed to certain chilled water systems. When the control thermostat requires cooling the Aircon Energy Saver will analyse the performance of the chilled water and supply air temperature. It will close the chilled water valve when further chilling of the coil has no beneficial effect on the supply air.
A saving on cooling energy on each fan coil unit will reduce chiller run time thereby saving energy and cost.

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Model/Article Number : AES UK Technology
Place of Origin : Hong Kong
Brand Name : AES
Minium Order : 1
Delivery Lead Time : 14 days.
Supply Ability : Fast..
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