2 Ohms ElectroMagnetic Grounding system

We market high quality ElectroMagnetic Ground rods and protection devices globally.
These products, backed by our engineering and control services, made our offer the most complete and advanced you can find in the international market.
Additionally we can supply our "Lightning Rod" with latest generation "ATTRACTION" system. Its technology has been designed in order to generate an upward emission (ionized particles) that attracts and capture lightning with greater facility. The reduction in the lightning capture time expands the protection area.
Through its latest generation early streamer emission (ESE) system, it reaches a significant reduction in the time of upward emission (ionisation of the air around capture device). So, the speed and the efficiency of the electro atmospheric discharges capture increases and, consequently, the protection area becomes bigger.

What is a grounding system?
In an electrical discharge, our grounding system returns the energy to its natural source, that is to say, planet Earth, meaning that undesirable currents in domestic and industrial circuits get avoided. In Central America, said discharges are unfortunately very common, given the poor quality in the electrical supply. Failing to protect your electrical plant or facility by means of an effective ground system can cost you a lot of money.
Our grounding system consists of three fundamental elements:
A Electro Magnetic Electrode, which is made up of a copper structure capped with an LCR circuit. This LCR circuit is essentially a coil that allows current to flow towards earth, but not that any current flow from earth towards the circuit.

Whether favorable or not, the resistivity of the soil, the base of operation of the electrodes consists of taking advantage of two natural forces of the Earth:
The gravity force (towards the terrestrial nucleus) Polarity. (magnetic North Pole)
Given the geometry of our electrodes, we combine these two vectors, having a resultant of effective dissipation of current to ground. Our system guarantees long-lasting impedance lower than 2 ohms. Furthermore our system does not have any oxidable parts. For these reasons, we can guarantee our electrodes for at least 20 years. The Equipotential Coupler is a device that turns the mass of a building into a Faraday cage, which is to say, the mass of a building works equipotentially with the electrodes.
Soil Improver Compound.
It consists in a sandy slime that contains a great amount of native silver. It is used in order to make more conductive the material in the well where the magnetic electrode will be buried.

Why is it that our system is better than the traditional system of Copperweld rods?
The traditional physical-ground-system based on Copperweld rods was invented more than 200 years ago by the American physicist Benjamin Franklin.
At that time and by many years, the solution brought good results in terms of providing security in electrical systems.
Today, the system designed by B. Franklin is obsolete but we continue its use.
Most Copperweld rod is a section of iron covered with a thin copper layer of only 0.03 inches.
The copper covering undergoes degradation during the first years when being in direct bonding with the soil, which generates a significant loss in the electrical properties of the rod itself.
Once the copper covering has disappeared, the work of providing physical grounding carries out exclusively on the iron, which like so, corrodes quickly given its high-carbon content. Our Electromagnetic Grounding Electrodes have a 20 years manufacturer warranty.
Our electrodes operates altogether with our Equipotential Coupler.


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